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Songs of the Week – March 12

Songs of the Week – March 12

For you Spotify users, I’ve made a playlist where I’ll be adding the songs I feature each week.

This week I’m celebrating the longer evenings of daylight savings time by sharing some easy listening tracks that’ll make you want to roll the windows down.

Drapht – Jimmy Recard
Released: 2008
Genre: Rap

Here’s your spring break pregame song. In this Australian hit, Drapht excitedly introduces us to an extraordinary man with an extraordinary name: Jimmy Recard.

The guitar and flute in the opening immediately give this song a playful atmosphere. When the song takes off, Drapht’s lyrics glide over the hot beat with a swagger that I can’t resist nodding along to. This track hits the sweet spot on the hype meter – it’s energetic, but lighthearted enough that you can enjoy it in almost any setting.

Brenton Duvall & Tayyib Ali – Pretty Little Penthouse
Released: 2011
Genre: Chill Rap

I got into “Pretty Little Penthouse” because of its simplicity. I found it in high school when I was first experimenting with rap and I loved how the song was bright, easy, and perfect for playing with the windows down. It was actually one of the first rap songs I burned to a CD so I could do just that.

Brenton Duvall’s work has a signature warm, friendly sound that’s easy to binge. His SoundCloud has plenty of songs with the same sunny vibe. Tayyib Ali’s smooth, positive bars vibe perfectly with the beat to create a perfect bite-sized song that’s kept me hitting the replay button for years.

Louis The Child ft. Elohim – Love Is Alive
Released: 2017
Genere: Modern Dance

Louis The Child has a delightful sound that is lively enough to dance to but also mellow enough to unwind to. The way they blend vocals with their tropical beats creates addicting friendly and melodic tracks.

Elohim’s ethereal singing style vibes perfectly with Louis The Child’s sound to create an intimate, modern dance track that almost feels too delicate to play at full volume. The atmosphere in the chorus feels like a warm embrace that melts away my worries.

Souls Of Mischief – 93 ‘Til Infinity
Released: 1993
Genre: Rap

The Souls Of Mischief were a young group of rappers fresh out of high school when they dropped their most popular album, “93 “Til Infinity”. The entire album has a youthful energy and is tied together by the fantastic chemistry of the four rappers. Two of the members started writing rhymes together when they were just eight years old. While many rappers are influenced by the styles of those who came before them, it’s a rare treat to hear a group who actually developed their styles together. They each have a unique flavor but their flows share a lot of rhythm and inflections, making natural and seamless transitions between each other’s verses.

In the title track, the group takes a break from spitting battle rap disses and gritty pictures of Oakland to rap about some of the positive things in their lives with a casual, lively flow. The beat is satisfyingly simple and the way the group jumps between verses so easily makes me feel like I’m in the booth chilling with them.

These refreshing tracks will hit you like a crisp spring breeze, so crack a window and let them in.

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